Aquinas Art Class Nativity

Art Class made an outdoor nativity set that will be displayed in front of Aquinas for years to come.

Aquinas Catholic Art IV Class (from left to right): Mrs. Lyssa Tvrdy, Caitlyn Yindrick, Jaelyn Stara, Nolan Albracht, Madison Jelinek, Jake Witter, Brett Kobza, Brian Cech, Addie Zook, Ben Shonka, Rylan Chromy, and Bethany Emswiler

Thank you to many volunteers who made this project possible. Michelle Juranek responded to Mrs. Lyssa’s plea for volunteers right away. Dale Juranek and Jim Mayo cut out all the wood figures. Mrs. Mayo (Mrs. Tvrdy’s Mom and Aquinas MS teacher) for help with the finishing touches. Thank you to Cliff and Sean Kovar (’20 Aquinas graduate) for giving advice on clear coating, bracing, and secure outdoor display options. Cliff and Sean spent their Christmas Eve putting up the final display in front of the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel. Thank you to the Aquinas Journalism Class and Deb Svec for taking pictures of the progress of the project. A final thank you to Fr. Timmerman for the permission and support to see this project through to celebrate our Catholic faith and the birth of Christ.

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