Community Response Team

February 20, 2020

The teams met at David City this week.  The discussion of community members to join the team continued. Names were mentioned and these people would be contacted by the next meeting so that a calling tree can be set up.  Also, once community members are identified for help, the teams will assign jobs to school team members to assist in an evacuation, reunification, etc.  The teams also discussed information/directions to place in each classroom to assist teachers, substitutes or students in the event of an emergency.  Aquinas Catholic has folders in each classroom to provide this information and will continue to review and update them.

Following this discussion, the teams toured DC Elementary and DC High School.  The next meeting is set for March 23rd at St. Mary’s School.

January 20, 2020

The Community Response team members met at East Butler High School.  Discussions included:

  1. Practicing reunification drills with first responders. Creating a letter to send to parents in conjunction with the drill to remind them of the procedures and expectations in a time of heightened emotions.
  2. Practicing drills of fire, tornado, lock in/lock out, reunification.
  3. Sharing bus accident protocol for the response team with bus drivers. Drivers having a check list to mark off riders on the bus-do this each day. Sending at least two response team members out to the accident with the principal to deal with students and parents.
  4. Touring East Butler School and sharing their problem areas and how they deal with them.
  5. The next meeting will be Monday, Feb. 24th, at D.C. Elementary at 2 P.M. At that meeting we’d like to have the sheriff present if possible and have 2-3 community member names and contact information to share with the other teams.

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