Illness Policy

St. Mary’s and Aquinas Catholic Schools are committed to forming students in a Christian environment in the safest manner possible. In times of increased illness in our community such as Coronavirus or influenza, the schools may need to take additional precautions to protect both staff and students and to be allowed to continue schooling as normally as possible. We understand that students may contract an illness and we are committed to working with families to help continue the student’s education while absent and get them back to the classroom as quickly and safely as possible. This document sets forth some of the steps that may be taken as illnesses move throughout the community. As such, these responses may differ in individual cases and as additional knowledge becomes available.

Current Four Corners Health Dept. Risk Level

Responses by Risk Dial Level (Risk Levels will be determined by Four Corners Health Department). Initially, Risk Levels will be released each Friday. Risk levels reflect the number of current cases in the community as well as the potential for the illness to spread.



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