May 2021


Dear 2022 Seniors and Parents of 2022 Seniors,


Next year your son/daughter will be a senior.  One of the most lasting and treasured reminders of this year will be the senior pictures which will be taken over the summer or the first part of the school year.  You will be responsible for getting the following senior pictures to Mrs. Pokorny by November 1, 2021.


You need to have your photographer email your colored formal pose picture in a vertical billfold sized JPEG file at 250 dpi to me for the yearbook, composite, alumni board, press releases, and class video.  This picture should be the colored formal indoor pose with a plain background. (This should be a head shot with no hands or lower arms visible please.)  You are responsible for making sure the school has this by November 1st.  They may email this to Mrs. Pokorny at


If we do not have your print by November 1st, you may miss out on being in the composite, yearbook, etc. or have to pay for the late fee to be included. Be sure to schedule for your pictures to be taken by September 1st.


As we at Aquinas should always strive to live up to Christ’s example of modesty and Christian decency, we ask that no inappropriate pictures be submitted for publication.

This would include:


  1. Females-no off-the-shoulder dresses or blouses
  2. Females-no tops with an immodest/low cut (cut of the top must be 1 inch above the line of cleavage); no spaghetti or thin straps on shoulders for dresses or blouses
  3. Males-wear a collared shirt and tie. (A jacket is preferred but optional.)
  4. Nothing that goes against the current dress code, for example-tattoo/body piercing, hair length (MUST be above the collar of the shirt), facial hair, etc.



*Remember that by a colored formal pose, we are asking for a head shot with no hands or lower arms visible in the picture.  The background should be plain/one color and NO outdoor shots.


Again, remember to have your photographer email your colored formal vertical pose picture in a billfold sized JPEG file at 250 dpi to Mrs. Pokorny by November 1st.


The administration reserves the right to refuse any portrait deemed unacceptable or immodest. Please read and follow the instructions we have provided and there should be no problems.


If you don’t plan to have senior pictures taken, Ms. Brown will take a formal head shot picture, but this must be arranged with her before November.


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Pokorny at 367-3175.  Best wishes and have an enjoyable summer.





Teresa Pokorny

Senior Class Moderator

Aquinas High School

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