Students are called upon to reflect upon and practice their faith throughout the school day and school year. Their faith is nurtured through Mass, daily prayer, and religious devotions. Examples of spiritual events and service include the following:

[su_row][su_column size=”1/2″]-Daily Mass
-Monthly Virtue Program
-Weekly visits from local priests and seminarians
[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″]-Monthly Penance Services
-First Friday Benediction
-2nd Grade visits the St. Joseph’s Court residents[/su_column][/su_row]

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Mary’s Birthday, Sept. 8
In honor of Mary’s Birthday, Sept. 8, the school community recites a rosary in the church garden. There is an ice cream celebration following the rosary. The students in each grade also gave Gifts in honor of Mary’s Birthday, symbolized by paper flowers attached to a bouquet on the hallway wall.

Month of the Rosary, October
During October, the month of the rosary, St. Mary’s students participate in a “Pray It Forward” Rosary. Every family receives a hand-made rosary which they use to pray a rosary for one person. They then send the rosary on to the person for whom they prayed and request to do the same as well. The rosary, then, is sent on and on to person and to person, and therefore, becoming a “Pray It Forward” Rosary.

All Saints Dress up Day
Students dressed as their favorite saint on All Saints Eve.

Thanksgiving Collection for the Poor, November
The students conduct a Thanksgiving Collection of food and paper products before Thanksgiving. The items are delivered to the local Blue Valley and the diocesan St. Gianna’s Homes.

Advent Project
As an Advent project for the students and staff, hallway trees are decorated with donated winter hats, gloves and scarves for the needy of the area. Hundreds of winter items are collected for Blue Valley and Catholic Social Services.

Advent Music Program
All students, pre-school through Grade 5, perform an Advent program of music and dialogue reminding all of Jesus, the reason for the Christmas season, for parents and the community. The children also perform an afternoon matinee (same as the evening performance) for grandparents and anyone else who can’t make the evening performance. A Grandparents Reception is held after the afternoon performance for grandparents and their grandchildren.

Catholic Schools Week
During this week-long celebration of Catholic Schools, students have the opportunity to celebrate Mass with the Bishop, participate in Adoration, and challenge each other in a Penny War (money goes to a charity). The week ends with Grandparents Day.

Lenten Prayer and Service
Lent includes weekly Stations of the Cross and prayer reflections for the students and staff.

May – Month of Mary
The school community has a May Crowning and Rosary in the Church Mary Garden during the month of Mary, May.

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