College Coursework

Aquinas Catholic High School offers many options to prepare students for college, including college coursework and classes that prepare students to take the ACT.


Dual Credit Courses

Aquinas HS Class Aquinas HS Teacher College Course College offered through Credits Cost Per Credit
English 12 Mrs. Pokorny Topics in Literature: ENG 150 Wayne State College 3 $60
Calculus Mrs. Sypal Calculus I: Math 184 Concordia University 4 $90
American Government Mr. Svec American National Government: POS 100 Wayne State College 3 $60
World History Mr. Svec World History Gen . Ed: HIS 120 Wayne State College 3 $60
Accounting II Mr. Smith Financial Accounting: BUS 121 Concordia University 3 $90
Entrepreneurship Mr. Smith Exploring Entrepreneurship: ENTR 1010 Iowa University 3 TBA
College Algebra Mrs. Sypal College Algebra: Math 1150 Central Community 3 $88
Catholic Electives NE Wesleyan 3 TBA
Independent College Study Local Colleges or University of NE High School Online Learning




What are Dual Credit Classes?

Aquinas High School has joined together with certain colleges to offer college credit to our students while they are in high school. The courses offered meet the General Education requirements that are typically required of all students to earn a bachelor’s degree at most Nebraska colleges and universities.

By enrolling for college credit classes students get a jump start on college by have the opportunity to save money and time.


Who is eligible for Dual Credit Classes?

Students are eligible for Dual Credit Enrollment if they meet the following requirements:

  • Have High School Junior or Senior status
  • Must be taking the course for the current school year
  • Have a cumulative grade point average of a “B”
  • Earn a “B” or above in the class
  • Must receive a passing grade on the final exam developed and required by the Institution
  • Have approval of Aquinas Administration


Registration Process and Deadline

Students must register during their class period. If a student is unable to, it is their responsibility to see the guidance counselor and schedule a time to register. In addition to online registration, students will bring home a registration and payment form that parents must fill out.

How do the courses transfer?

The course will show on Aquinas transcripts as a regular high school class. The student will also be issued a transcript with the college that is offering the course. As students enter college they will need to request the transcripts as needed from the respective institution.

The courses offered are designed to meet the General Education requirements typically required of all students to earn a bachelor’s degree at most Nebraska colleges and universities. However, Aquinas, Wayne State College and Concordia University do not guarantee that these courses will be accepted or be applicable to a student’s college program. Students should inquire with their prospective colleges to ensure proper credits will be granted. Students may also see a list of transfer agreements at


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