Four Aquinas Cross Country athletes will compete at State in Kearney on October 22nd. Through the guidance and wit of Coach John Svec, they participated in a “Thankful Runaround”. Many local supportive business were given a great quote how they support the Aquinas Cross Country Team. The state-bound athletes: Xavier Fiala, Miriam Frasher, Joceyln Stara, and Gianna Frasher ran to some local business to thank them in person on October 20th. Aquinas is so grateful for all the local business that support our school, even if you weren’t featured here. 

“There’s no Stop Inn us now!”

Dr. Jo and PA Jim say we are ‘healthy as a horse’ … ”Now Run Like One”!

Pam and the gang from First State… Monarch CC…STATE FIRST!

Union Bank and Trust: You can BANK on UNION… Bank on the Monarchs!

Butler County Sheriff’s Department allows us to SPEED!

Our opponents are on the Ropes… Ropers Bar & Grill

We’ve got State CC covered…east, west, south, and Northside

Moravec Financial: Put your Money on the Monarchs!

We’ve got State CC covered…east, west, south, and Northside

Jones Group INSURES a great race!

First National Bank… FIRST in NEBRASKA CC!

Butler County Health “CC”! Butler County Health Clinic “Be CC”!

We’re MONEY in the Bank of the Valley


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