Where Art and Religion Meet

On October 19th, junior and senior Art students went on an art field trip to Lincoln. They visited the Noyes Gallery, UNL Newman Center, UNL Memorial Stadium, and UNL Sheldon Art Museum. The students found inspiration to create more unique works of art. Local artist legand, Dale Nichols, had an art piece on display at the UNL Sheldon Museum. Our students recognized his work right away.

Art instructor, Mrs. Lyssa Tvrdy, has been trying to schedule a trip to the Newman Center every year, because the church and the artwork is beautiful.

“This [UNL Newman Center] is where art and Religion meet at its finest” she exclaimed.

As possible future UNL students, this trip showed how great and accessible the Newman Center is to anyone. The students gain new intellectual and spiritual knowledge. The students encountered artwork they never would have, walk away with brand new ideas, and are reenergized to create.

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