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Apply for all three scholarships with one application through the FACTS Management System. 
FACTS Management

FACTS is an online tuition management program that helps faith-based schools offer the best payment plan solutions. There are different options that allow flexibility in scheduling tuition payments. Aquinas Catholic Schools require FACTS for tuition payments. Here are some FAQs about FACTS.

Scholarship Applications

Applications are open from January 1st to March 31 for the following school year

The Good Shepard

The Diocese of Lincoln formed The Good Shepard Scholarship to support low-income students and families in need of financial assistance to attend diocesan Catholic schools. Here are some FAQs about The Good Shepard Scholarship.

Guardian Angel Scholarship

This Aquinas Guardian Angel Scholarship is funded by many generous benefactors, who make tuition affordable for all interested in a Catholic education. Applications need to be filled out through the FACTS Management System. All information is confidential. Read the Guarding Angel Tuition Scholarship Policy here.

Family Tuition Cap

Families of all income levels are eligible to apply for the Family Tuition Cap Scholarship.  Families pay for the first three students and the rest are not charged tuition.  Families must apply in the FACTS Scholarship system and submit tax documents to be eligible for the Family Tuition Cap Scholarship.

Good Shepherd Scholarship

Grade Scholarship + Tec Fee Total Scholarship
K-8th $1,600 + $420 $2,020
9-12th $1,900 + $420 $2,320

Eligibility Requirements 2023-2024

2023-24 Income Level
Family Size 225% of
Poverty Level
2 $41,198
3 $51,818
4 $62,438
5 $73,058
6 $83,678
7 $94,298
8 $104,918
9 $115,538
10 $126,158


Stair-Steps and Max Tuition Help School Families
Oldest Child 2nd Child 3rd Child
Yearly Monthly Yearly Monthly Yearly Monthly
K-5 $2,430 $243.00 $2,330 $233.00 $2,230 $223.00
6-8 $3,238 $323.80 $3,138 $313.80 $3,038 $303.80
9-12 $4,055 $405.50 $3,955 $395.50 $3,855 $385.50

Diocese of Lincoln Technology Fee: $420 per student

Alternative Max Tuition:

Multiply your AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) from your last tax return by .07 (7%). That is the maximum tuition you will be expected to pay. Please apply within FACTS for Max Tuition Benefit.

Your family is KEY to the success of Aquinas Catholic Schools.

Please inform Administration if these benefits are not enough for your family. We are here to help.

2023-2024 Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten Tuition

Preschool & Pre-Kindergarten to not qualify for most scholarships
Preschool: T/Th Pre-Kindergarten: M/W/F Pre-Kindergarten: M-F
$1,150 $1,275 $1,400

Interested in All Day Preschool or Pre-K?

Holy Family Early Learning Center offers cohesive curriculum and care conveniently located across the street! Learn more here.

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