giving programs


Scrip literally means substitute money. Scrip is a gift card for business in our community that will donate around five percent of purchases back to the school.

Ways to purchase:

Contact Nancy at 402-367-8835 or send an email for the enrollment code


Guardian Angel Scholarship

The Guardian Angel Scholarship, allows Aquinas to accept all student who want to attend a Catholic school, regardless of ability to pay tuition. This fund depends entirely on donations. Donations for the Guardian Angel Scholarship Fund are taken at any time throughout the year and are tax deductible. Please consider becoming one of our “Guardian Angels”.

Heritage Club

The Heritage Club is a group of people who have come forward and shared the joyous news that they plan to remember the schools in their wills. No specifics, no dues, or offices are needed. However, if details are shared they are kept confidential. Members are invited to a special thank you Mass for remembering us and helping us build up the kingdom of God.

Donations are tax deductible.
Contact the Advancement Office for more information at (402) 367-3175

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